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Goose Creek, located slightly northwest of Charleston along the Cooper River and sandwiched between the towns of Hanahan and Moncks Corner, Crofeild Plantation sign in Goose Creek, SCranks among South Carolina's larger cities with a population of 30,000. English settlers first arrived to Goose Creek back in the late 1600s via the island of Barbados, where they accrued vast wealth upon the sale of their Barbadian plantations. Utilizing their fortune, the tansplanted Barbadians followed the Cooper River's currents seeking land worthy of financial investment, and in the process settled current-day Goose Creek.

Although no definitive archives exist explaining the origins of the city's name, historians suspect the winding, meandering curves of the nearby creek with its "gooseneck" bend as the impetus.

Officially incorporated in 1961, the town has witnessed rapid growth in residential relocation, prompting an avalanche of new recreational services and town activities, including sailing, boating, swimming, fishing, golf, tennis, hunting, war reenactments, and camping.

Numerous hotels stand in close proximity to Goose Creek's downtown epicenter, and 20-or-so bars and clubs attract some of the city's more nocturnal patrons. Only ten miles from Summerville and 13 miles from Charleston, Goose Creek residents are uniquely poised to take advantage of the very best both cities offer.

The average home price in Goose Creek is under $150,000, rendering the locale an attractive and affordable option for families on a fixed income or limited budget. With antebellum plantations and several wildlife refuges including Goose Creek State Park along the Pamlico River - Goose Creek takes great pride in not becoming just cookie-cutter town devoid of individuality, but a thriving metropolis that hasn't lost its independent character or deeply-rooted Southern charm.

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